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45% of employers say they can’t find the workers with the skills they need.

- Source: Manpower Group

icon Don’t risk turning down business or losing customers by leaving key positions open.

It’s a struggle to find the right people to fill key leadership positions when you’re a growing business. With a labor shortage, it can seem even more difficult. And when the positions require unique skills and experience, the pool of potential applicants is even smaller. Your company risks missing out on business opportunities and losing current customers when positions aren’t filled quickly.

icon Stop losing qualified candidates because hiring takes too long.

Don't miss out on the perfect candidate! Streamline your hiring process and reduce the time it takes to bring in the best employees. Time is of the essence—don't let great candidates slip away because of a lengthy hiring process. Make sure you have the tools in place to make quick, informed decisions and bring in the best talent for your team.

icon Quickly hiring the right leaders keeps employee morale up and corporate culture intact.

It’s crucial to fill leadership positions quickly in order to keep morale and culture high. Doing so will ensure that everyone has a sense of purpose and enthusiasm for the work they do, resulting in a more productive and successful workplace.

icon Recruiting isn’t your focus; running your business is.

When you’re busy running your business, recruiting high-quality candidates can be time-consuming and can eat into your advertising budget. In the meantime, top candidates may accept offers from other companies. To ensure a more efficient and effective hiring process, it’s important to prioritize recruitment efforts.

"She made the recruiting placement process a breeze!"

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“I highly recommend Deanna for recruiting any hard-to-fill position at any level in an organization. She completed a proper intake from our leaders and made sure she understood our needs in filling the role. She provided a well thought out and descriptive summary of her screening with candidates to help prepare us for our interview.”

Carrie Snyder

Senior Manager, HR
Moriroku Technology North America


I Can Help!

Hi, I'm Deanna.

I search for and identify the top candidates before they accept another job offer.

“It takes recruiters only six seconds to evaluate a candidate’s resume.” (The Ladders)

With my help, you can quickly fill open positions with an ideal employee, saving you time, money, and frustration.

I have 30 years of HR experience and specialize in finding the best candidates for open positions. I assess every potential candidate to ensure they are a great fit for the organization and job role.

My thorough screening process eliminates wasted time and money and produces better outcomes. I understand job requirements and can quickly sift through resumes and present the top 3-4 qualified candidates, helping to speed up the hiring timeline.

The reasons clients love to work with me

I use the most up-to-date recruitment technology to ask thought-provoking questions before interviews to speed up the hiring process.
I help coordinate interviews in an efficient manner, ensuring the hiring manager saves time and resources.
I have a well-oiled intake process to collect necessary information about the company and position, allowing potential candidates to better assess the opportunity.
I have an effective candidate screening process to quickly eliminate unqualified prospects.
I take the time to research the company’s needs and potential candidates to guarantee the best possible fit.
I build a comfortable rapport with each job candidate to ensure they are open and honest, which allows me to make the best placements.
I strive to find win/win matches, where both parties are content, which leads to successful and long-term employment.

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Risk-Free Contingent Searches

I assume all the risk. You have nothing to lose.

You only pay when you hire a candidate I find.
I offer a 90-day guarantee on professional positions.*

(*If a candidate I placed leaves within 90 days, I will provide you with a replacement candidate at no additional cost.)

“Deanna has supported me on multiple recruitments. She invests the time to understand key requirements and always presents strong potential candidates. Thanks to her focused efforts we’ve quickly filled several critical roles.”

Steve Georgi

Sr. VP, Business Development
Golden State Assembly


"She invests the time to understand key requirements and always presents strong potential candidates!"

Available Positions

Let me find top mid-level professionals or C-suite executives for your difficult-to-fill positions.